Akava Aura

Know More About Akava Aura

Akava Aura represents a fragment of our vision, showcasing how an individual's aura profoundly influences their initial impact on those around them.

The journey began with Ms. Akanksha Jalan attending a family event, adorned in a fragrant Rose perfume. As she entered the venue, the subtle whirl of standing fans greeted her at the door. Her presence didn't go unnoticed; heads turned, and curious glances followed. When one of her cousins inquired about the captivating aroma of roses, Akanksha confirmed its source. The scent had filled the room, capturing everyone's attention.

This seemingly ordinary incident left a lasting imprint on her. She returned home and shared the story with her grandmother, father, and sister, igniting a night of spirited discussions. It unveiled a fresh perspective on fragrances and their power to connect with people.

Mr. Manoj Jalan, her father, hailing from the production industry, was now retired. A few weeks later, he conceived the idea of crafting perfumes, aimed at gifting delightful memories and impactful experiences to all. He initially shared his thoughts with his mother. Little did their family of four anticipate that this night of sharing experiences and reflections would birth a business idea. Akava Aura took its inaugural breath of life.

Over the next few months, their R&D journey delved into profound discussions about people, personalities, vibes, life, and much more. As the clock struck 12:06 a.m. on June 14, 2023, Akava Aura's journey began. It reached its first official milestone on July 29, 2023.

A Few Reasons Why People Are Choosing Us!

"An individual's aura is the cornerstone of their personality, an invisible essence that reflects their inner self. it's influenced by how they dress, how they conduct themselves, and how they interact with those around them. Akava Aura, as a brand, is deeply committed to enhancing this fragrant aura that surrounds each person.

Our mission and vision are simple yet profound: to offer fragrances that seamlessly blend with your essence, becoming an intrinsic part of your charm. Everyone who wears Akava Aura is not only adorned with a captivating scent but also infused with a newfound sense of confidence and allure. We don't see ourselves as just another perfume brand; we are a family of fragrances, each meticulously crafted to resonate with unique personalities.

With Akava Aura, you don't just wear a fragrance; you embrace an olfactory journey that enriches your character and leaves an indelible mark wherever you go. Welcome to the world of Akava Aura, where your aura and fragrance become one."